What is the difference between excess baggage and unattended freight?

Excess baggage is a transportation process in which the passenger tether the animal to its passage. On the day of the trip, the dog or cat embarks on the same flight. Depending on how the reservation was made, the pet may continue to travel in the baggage compartment of the aircraft or with the passenger.

In this mode the owner must present the sanitary documents for travel of the animal and the customs clearance service is not necessary at the origin and destination.

Some countries do not accept the entry of live animals as excess baggage. We recommend contacting you to verify that the destination country accepts your pet's entry into this mode.

Unattended freight is a transportation process linked to an export in the country of origin and import in the country of destination. In this case, the owner does not need to be on the flight and the customs clearance of the animal is mandatory.

In the process of unattended loading the freight transport is purchased from the airline. The animal goes through the customs clearance process with the Ministry of Agriculture, which is responsible for sanitary release, and with the Federal Revenue, which is responsible for the tax release of the dog or cat.

How is the aircraft luggage compartment?

The luggage compartment of an airplane is a place prepared for the transport of animals. The site has temperature control, ventilation, noise and pressurization.

The loads are separated by nets and the transport boxes where the animals are housed are affixed by straps on the floor of the aircraft so that there is no movement of the load during the flight.

What is a CVI / CZI?

The CVI (International Veterinary Certificate), also known as CZI (International Zoosanitary Certificate), is a document issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and authorizes the exit of the country, transit in a country and the entry of the pet in the final destination.

For the issuance of the International Veterinary Certificate it is necessary to verify the sanitary legislation of the country of final destination. In some countries it is necessary, in addition to rabies vaccination, serology, microchip, import license and others.

Transport box

The transport box must meet the technical requirements of the airlines, as well as the IATA (International Air Transport Association), both for transport and accompanied baggage, or as unattended live cargo.

The transport container should provide space for the animal to travel comfortably and safely.

  • Height: the transport box must have a minimum height that guarantees 10 centimeters of space between the roof of the container and the head of the standing pet.
  • Compliance and Width: the animal must necessarily have enough space to go around the body itself, that is, a 360 degree turn.
  • Manufacturing Material: the transport box must be made of hard plastic, steel doors, latch on the doors, butterflies and steel nuts.

In addition, the side and bottom of the carton must have holes or grids that guarantee ventilation inside the travel container.

It is mandatory to have a water tank and feeder affixed to the container door and inside the shipping box must have a toilet mat to absorb urine and feces from the dog or cat.

For animals considered aggressive, the airline may require a different container model.

We recommend that you consult us before purchasing the shipping carton.

Pre-shipment procedures

The animal that is traveling should not receive any type of sedative, or medication.

For animals considered aggressive, the airline may request that the dog be sedated for the safety of the animal and those involved in the transportation process.

On the day before boarding, the animal may receive the normal portion of feed and water. On boarding day, it is not necessary to feed the pet, as it will travel with enough water and ration for the trip.

We recommend that, before traveling, the pet already adapts in the transport box, so, on the day of transportation, the animal's adaptation will be calmer.

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