All animals transported have a tracking system. From the moment of the reservation of the freight with the airline, you know about the time of embarkation and disembarkation of your pet.

During the transport process, the customer receives a tracking number and can view the travel status of the dog or cat. If there are stopovers, the airline has a veterinarian who checks the health of the pet and releases it to follow the trip. It is also worth mentioning that the animal is removed from the transport box, receives water and feed and is taken to make the physiological needs.

During the flight there are no people who look at the animals in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, but this place is prepared with pressurizing, ventilation, temperature and noise control systems to ensure the welfare of the pet.


Carrying an animal is an incredible experience, it's an unforgettable story. To make this special moment in people's lives, Animal Export has a specialized team to make this happy moment and celebration a family gathering.

Our logistics team will contact you by phone, detailing each stage of the process, as well as informing the documents required for the trip.

On the day of travel, the logistics team will report on the status of each phase of customs clearance, and at the end of the process will report that the pet is already under the care of the carrier contracted for Transportation.

Our work ends only when we know that the animal has reached its final destination and is already under the protection of the owner, adapting to the new life abroad.


The focus of Animal Export is the welfare and physical integrity of the dog or cat transported.

On the day of shipment, the animal is removed from the transport box, receives water, fed and taken to make the physiological needs. The pet is not locked inside the transport box during the entire customs clearance stage.

Our veterinary staff accompanies the customs process and in case the animal is not able to travel, we will keep the pet in a hotel until he is able to travel.


Having support from a specialist is always good. On the day your pet is transported, Animal Export maintains a professional on duty to help answer questions or help with contingencies.

We understand that our service only ends when the owner has already collected your pet at the final destination.


We are passionate about animals, we are passionate about families. Carrying animals is our job, it's our craft! Bringing together, bringing happiness and love is our mission! We are always here to do the best for you and your pet!

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