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Animal Export has come up with the intention of offering its customers an international service of personalized animal transport with quality, safety and punctuality at a fair price, be it as accompanied luggage or unattended cargo.

The main focus of the company is to carry out transport with the least possible stress, both for the animal and for the customer. For this to be possible, the company works in accordance with best operational practices and is in line with national and international legislation on the relocation of live animals.

The team of Animal Export is composed of professionals with extensive experience in exporting, importing and relocating animals. In addition, it has a veterinarian who monitors the entire transportation process.

The company can transport its live animal from Brazil to countries in Asia; Africa; North, Central and South America; as well as Europe; Middle East and Oceania. For all this to happen, we are partners with the best airlines in the world and we also have representatives at the destinations.

We are passionate about animals, we are passionate about families. Carrying animals is our job, it's our craft! Bringing together, bringing happiness and love is our mission!

How we work

Direct contact
with the customer

We maintain permanent contact with the customer and each step is informed to the owner of the animal. This makes the process more transparent and the owner of the pet, safer for transportation. With the arrival of the day of shipment, this process is very important to leave the client as calm as possible.

Suppliers always available

We have a set of suppliers aligned and homologated by the culture of perfectionism and love of animals, also to Animal Export.


We work in partnership with the best airlines in the world. We can send your pet safely, comfortably and quickly according to the destination of the client. We work with representatives around the world and this keeps us connected and in line with the legislation of entry and exit of pets in several countries.

At Animal Export you feel the certainty that your pet will be treated with love and care. You follow the whole procedure from start to finish.

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